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Established in 2003, Waterford Chiropractic Clinic swiftly garnered acclaim within the local community for its unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled patient care. Over the years, our dedication to excellence propelled us to new heights, leading to the relocation of our clinic to the esteemed Williamstown Centre in 2009. This strategic move not only afforded us expanded premises but also enhanced accessibility, boasting ample parking facilities for the convenience of our valued clientele.

At the heart of our clinic’s success story lies the visionary leadership of Dr. Jill Dunlop, whose personal journey ignited her passion for chiropractic care. Dr. Dunlop’s academic pursuits initially centered around Chemistry and Biomedical Science until she encountered debilitating back pain. After enduring years of conventional medical interventions with limited relief, her life changed dramatically upon discovering chiropractic treatment. Inspired by her transformative experience, Dr. Dunlop embarked on a new educational journey, immersing herself in the study of chiropractic care.

Armed with newfound knowledge and a profound appreciation for the power of chiropractic therapy, Dr. Dunlop returned to Ireland as a qualified chiropractor, determined to share the life-changing benefits with others. Her firsthand encounter with the profound impact of chiropractic care fuels her unwavering commitment to educating individuals about the transformative potential of this holistic approach to wellness.

Waterford Chiropractic Clinic stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking relief from pain and restoration of optimal health. Our team’s collective expertise, under Dr. Dunlop’s guidance, enables us to deliver tailored treatment plans designed to address each patient’s unique needs comprehensively. From spinal adjustments to rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle recommendations, our holistic approach aims to empower individuals to reclaim their vitality and embrace a life of wellness.

As we continue to uphold our legacy of excellence, Waterford Chiropractic Clinic remains dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where patients feel heard, valued, and empowered on their journey to wellness. Join us and discover firsthand the profound difference that chiropractic care can make in your life.

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